High-rise and other tall buildings require special exterior maintenance needs. At times the building will need to be painted or touched up. Screens and windows need to be cleaned and sealed periodically. Dirt from pollution, garbage, and other things such as algae or salt deposits need to be removed. Things also need to be fixed and strengthened, such as balconies and other safety railings. Only trained professionals should be entrusted to complete these challenging and difficult tasks.


Don't settle for anything less than the best. Sydney's most experienced rope access specialists are available to help with everything from high rise painting, remedial, maintenance, sealing, window cleaning, high pressure cleaning and more.
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When hire Ace Abseiling can expect greater efficiency. However, that's certainly not the only benefit of hiring us. Other advantages include:


  • Minimizing downtime

  • Creating fewer disruptions within the building

  • Less interference with facility operations

  • A safer work environment for everyone

  • Access for the most difficult places


  • Our team have IRATA level-3 qualified technician,  who will be on-site at all times. The presence of these high-qualified industry professionals helps to ensure the safety of not just the workers, but also the building, its staff, and the general public.

  •  Working on high-rise buildings and in other elevated places poses some serious challenges, but that doesn't mean building owners can afford to just let their facades fall apart. Most conventional residential and commercial maintenance companies don't have access to the right advanced training to handle high-rise, strata, and commercial building facade restoration, window washing, and painting. However, Ace Abseiling focus exclusively on performing these challenging tasks. 


Pressure cleaning involves the use of high-pressure water spray to clean the outside of your building. Things pressure washing can safely remove include: mud, loose paint grime and dirt caused by high altitudes and pollution trash or other items that can become lodged in vent covers.

Skyscrapers can also suffer the build-up of mildew algae, and salt deposits when they are exposed to humid climates. Pressure washing is a good way to remove these unsightly accumulations without causing damage to the paint or exterior finishes. 

Due to the high PSI, High pressure cleaning can quickly cause streak marks, remove paint, damage exteriors and surfaces. With Sweep It, you do not need to worry. With over decade of experience in high pressure cleaning, you are in safe hands. 

We place great importance on assessing each pressure cleaning job to ensure optimal results. Our high pressure cleaning equipment is fitted with pressure control valves that can be adjusted for delicate surfaces and out technician will carefully assess the required pressure to ensure a sparkling clean with no damage or abrasions.

We use a state-of-the-art high pressure cleaning system which is environmentally friendly and performs the best possible results every time.


  At Ace Abseiling our impeccable service, friendly attitude and zero accident track record have made us Sydney’s best reviewed High Access and Abseiling Window Cleaning Service. Why? Simply because we understand it’s not just about cleaning some windows. It’s about making sure your residents or tenants can enjoy their million-dollar views and your building maintains its brilliant exterior year-round.


We pride ourselves on being friendly and discreet so as not to bother tenants – while providing a professional high rise window clean far better than anyone else. And we take the time to go above and beyond like reporting any exterior building issues we find during the clean.



Anchor Point Installation & Certification

Anchor installation (1).webp

Ace Abseiling is the ideal solution for all hard-to-access building exterior maintenance projects. We specialise in Window & Façade Cleaning, Painting, Maintenance and Height Safety Anchor Installations.

With a professional, highly trained and experienced team, Ace Abseiling brings top quality workmanship together with expert industrial abseiling. We offer commercial and residential building managers a significantly faster and more affordable solution for all hard-to-access exterior building maintenance.

Our team are here to provide you with all the safety inspections you need, including:

  • Annual roof access inspection

  • Roof anchor point testing

  • Inspection of all personal protection equipment used onsite (to make sure it’s documented in the Equipment Inspection Register and to assess its performance)

  • All inspections as per Australian Standard 1891_4 Appendix C & D

  • Check that anchors are individually tagged and identified for accuracy of record keeping

Height Safety System checks are the responsibility of your business. This means that you must ensure that all your roof anchor inspections and other height safety requirements are maintained.


We at Ace Abseiling specialize in commercial window caulking, rain leaks inspection, and wall joints for multi-story buildings and high rise projects. Over the last 7 years, we’ve been successfully providing professional exterior caulking services for commercial properties, such as apartment buildings, complexes, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, stadiums, and industrial buildings.

Why Rain Leaks Cause Building Damage.

What kind of costly dangers can window and wall leaks bring to you and your building?

A lot of property managers see rain leaks as a temporary event happening in Southern California only a few times a year. And, mistakenly, their main remedy is just putting a bucket or towel to capture water dripping from window frames, walls, ceilings, and promising their tenants to somehow eventually fix it.


Ace Abseiling is a professional exterior building maintenance, offering cost-effective services for commercial and residential clients, we became one-stop-shop for exterior building maintenance needs. Specifically, our services include high rise painting, anchor point installation and certification, pressure cleaning, window washing, rain leaks detection and other exterior maintenance.

Our mission is to bring quality of life to people by keeping their buildings clean and healthy.

Unlike other building maintenance contractors, Ace Abseiling uniqueness lays in versatile access expertise that allows us to service high areas of buildings exterior and interior. In fact, our technicians are highly skilled, trained and certified rope access technician. Our special access expertise enable us to complete work at height and hard-to-reach areas safely and efficiently.



               High Rise Painting

               High Rise Pressure Cleaning

               High Rise Window Cleaning




In Ace Abseiling, we adhere to the best safety standards and techniques to minimize risks for our employees, properties, and public. In fact, all of our technicians are trained in using various access and fall-protection techniques. Accordingly, we put safety as a number “One” priority in our day-to-day operations.



We ensure high-quality results by using the best practices, techniques, products, tools, and equipment in an industry. To emphasize, our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ quality expectations on every job. For this reason, we will leave a job only when our clients are happy with the results!



We always strive to achieve optimal job performance through proper planning, effective project and operations management and using the right tools and techniques. Thus, our final priority is to complete the project in the most efficient way without compromising Safety or Quality. Most of our clients appreciate the speed of our work and cost-efficiency that often reflects in very competitive prices and minimal effect on tenants.


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