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Ace Abseiling is the ideal solution for all hard-to-access building exterior maintenance projects. We specialise in  Height safety anchor point installation and certification.

With a professional, highly trained and experienced team, Ace Abseiling brings top quality workmanship together with expert industrial abseiling. We offer commercial and residential building managers a significantly faster and more affordable solution for all hard-to-access exterior building maintenance.

anchor point installation & Certification

Our team are here to provide you with all the safety inspections you need, including:

  • Annual roof access inspection

  • Roof anchor point testing

  • Inspection of all personal protection equipment used onsite (to make sure it’s documented in the Equipment Inspection Register and to assess its performance)

  • All inspections as per Australian Standard 1891_4 Appendix C & D

  • Check that anchors are individually tagged and identified for accuracy of record keeping

Height Safety System checks are the responsibility of your business. This means that you must ensure that all your roof anchor inspections and other height safety requirements are maintained.

  • This will allow your company to ensure a safe working environment that complies with Australian legislation.

  • You can achieve a safe working environment by trusting Anchored Height Safety. You’ll be guaranteed that all aspects of your height safety systems inspections are covered because we have the necessary knowledge and tools. We even offer services in auditing and design analysis as well as the supply, installation and maintenance of safety equipment.

  • Maintenance issues cannot be ignored or neglected because they are hard to reach or seem unmanageable. If your building is a source of income, then routine maintenance becomes even more important. 

  • Partner with trained professionals – trust your maintenance needs to licensed experienced technicians. Everyone you trust to work on your building should have the proper training and certifications.

  • Keep your renters or tenants happy with preventative maintenance – protect your investment for the long run by keeping your building attractive and marketable.

The solution is to create a maintenance schedule that will allow you to monitor and stay in control of what needs to be done.


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