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We pride ourselves on being friendly and discreet so as not to bother tenants – while providing a professional high rise window clean far better than anyone else. And we take the time to go above and beyond like reporting any exterior building issues we find during the clean.

With a professional, highly trained and experienced team, High Profile Access brings top quality workmanship together with expert industrial abseiling. We offer commercial and residential building managers a significantly faster and more affordable solution for all hard-to-access exterior building maintenance.

We have WFP systems, are used to clean the external glass on single and multi-storey buildings up to 4 floors in height. Abseil window cleaners can also use WFP systems.

The last 10 years have seen a rapid rise in the popularity of WFP, which are used to clean external glass. WFP works by running water through a deionization filter to produce ‘pure water’ that is substantially free of mineral content. The water passes up along a carbon fibre extension pole to a brush head that is used to agitate the dirt on the surface of the glass.

There is no need to remove the water from the glass with a squeegee, because the purified water will dry spot-free.


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