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High-rise and other tall buildings require special exterior maintenance needs. At times the building will need to be painted or touched up. Screens and windows need to be cleaned and sealed periodically. Dirt from pollution, garbage, and other things such as algae or salt deposits need to be removed. Things also need to be fixed and strengthened, such as balconies and other safety railings. Only trained professionals should be entrusted to complete these challenging and difficult tasks.

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Don't settle for anything less than the best. Sydney's most experienced rope access specialists are available to help with everything from high rise painting, remedial, maintenance, sealing, window cleaning, high pressure cleaning and more.
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When hire Ace Abseiling can expect greater efficiency. However, that's certainly not the only benefit of hiring us. Other advantages include:

  • Minimizing downtime

  • Creating fewer disruptions within the building

  • Less interference with facility operations

  • A safer work environment for everyone

  • Access for the most difficult places

  • Our team have IRATA level-3 qualified technician,  who will be on-site at all times. The presence of these high-qualified industry professionals helps to ensure the safety of not just the workers, but also the building, its staff, and the general public.

  • ​ Working on high-rise buildings and in other elevated places poses some serious challenges, but that doesn't mean building owners can afford to just let their facades fall apart. Most conventional residential and commercial maintenance companies don't have access to the right advanced training to handle high-rise, strata, and commercial building facade restoration, window washing, and painting. However, Ace Abseiling focus exclusively on performing these challenging tasks. 

  • Basically, if the building or structure is tall enough to require working at height and has hard-to-reach windows, facades, or components, it's worth hiring us, abseiling experts and qualified painters.

  • Some property owners and managers are hesitant to request quotes because they assume the service will be too expensive. In fact, rope access jobs is usually a more affordable alternative than setting up scaffolding and hiring cranes. It's also less disruptive to the building's occupants.


Painting the exterior of any tall or high-rise building is difficult and potentially dangerous. The way the job is done is often dictated by the layout and structure of the building. Using rope access techniques, rigging, and suspended equipment will allow our professionals to access all exterior walls that need attention. Safety is the priority.

Our well-trained technicians use top quality paint and equipment for a professional finish that will last for years.

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