What kind of costly dangers can window and wall leaks bring to you and your building?

A lot of property managers see rain leaks as a temporary event happening in Southern California only a few times a year. And, mistakenly, their main remedy is just putting a bucket or towel to capture water dripping from window frames, walls, ceilings, and promising their tenants to somehow eventually fix it.

However, the problems caused by rain leaks are much more serious and eventually result in substantial damage to underlying structure of your building.

Water intrusion damage is considered the most common cause for expensive building repairs. In fact, based on insurance claim statistics, building owners in US spend billions of dollars each year, dealing with the consequences of water damage.

And if left unfixed, the damages will cost you thousands of dollars.

Rain water entering and penetrating through faulty windows and wall joints can result in the following problems:

Problem #1:


Not only mold can bring unpleasant look and odor, it can also cause serious health problems. Exposure to mold can lead to cough, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation and skin issues. Remediation procedures can turn out to be very expensive. That would also require to shut down the space for a few days or weeks.

Problem #2:

Corrosion of structural beams.

Once a little rust settles in, the corrosion can be extremely costly to repair, and it becomes a serious safety hazard to the building’s occupants. Corrosion of structural beams can substantially weaken your building and cause rust staining on the exterior and interior.

Problem #3:

Fire caused by the watered wiring.

When watered, wires can easily fry your appliances by causing power malfunctions and lead to property fire. Also, handling damaged wiring or failing to notice electrified tools, equipment, or standing water can severely injure your occupants and employees. And there are plenty of other various damages and threats that water leaks can lead to.


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